“Being gay is who I am but it’s not the full picture.”

People of Xander: Javier Dominguez Muñoz Javier came to Xander to develop as a Data Analyst, where his resilient and driven nature made him an obvious choice for Xander. He has embraced different cultures with open arms and broken-down societal barriers regardless of the difficulties he has faced. We sat down with Javier to hear…

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“I’ve only been black for three years.”

Diversity Xander

Ore is one of our many talented Associates at Xander who hails from another part of the world. Her homeland, Nigeria, is a country where the idea of racism is merely a notion, discrimination of another person’s skin is rare, and the thought of being considered a “black woman” perplexing. For Black History Month 2021,…

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How Xander gave me the opportunity to pick up the pieces

Xander Application

Xander associate Tom has had a rollercoaster of a time the past few years. From the highs of landing his dream job to the lows of redundancy due to Covid. He has had a tough time, but with the help of Xander has managed to put the pieces together again.   Flying high Rewind to…

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