Joe Maude

Project Manager

New to the 9-5 grind, Joe already brings a wealth of life experience to the group, and is responsible for overseeing various integral digital aspects of Xander’s internal operations and growing the Xander brand.

Graduating with a first in BA Journalism, Joe ran his own independent videography service before Covid-19 had different plans for him, and led him straight to Xander. Having worked in pubs, bars and restaurants for nearly a decade, there’s one thing he does best, and that’s how to pour a decent pint!

A keen traveller who enjoys learning about different cultures and discovering new foods to try, Joe has ventured to several corners of the world to countries like Japan, New Zealand, India, USA and South Korea, and coming within touching distance of their neighbours in the North!

A die-hard Manchester United fan, he also enjoys cooking, filmmaking, long-distance running, and listening to podcasts and will most likely be found sitting in a café drinking coffee and digging into a good book.


What Joe is responsible for

  • Driving force behind Xander's digital marketing operations

  • Planning and creation of ompelling multimedia content that brings the Xander vision to life

  • Increase engagement across Xander's social media channels

  • Be an advocate for the Xander experience and provide a unique experience for all Associates

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