Lisa Browne

Head of People

Lisa is Head of People and is responsible for supporting Xander Associates with the transition through our academy and then embedding them into their placements with our market-leading clients.  She is dedicated to ensuring that our associates reach their full potential and are provided with the right training at the right time.

Coming from a background in talent development, most recently Early Careers, Lisa oversees several important responsibilities including the delivery of Associate training and supporting the Talent Team with recruitment and onboarding.

Lisa’s motivation for joining Xander was to be a part of a team that is fun, diverse and collaborative, who all come from varying backgrounds and share a common goal: wanting to give diverse people who are often overlooked the opportunity to excel in their chosen career.

Lisa is actively supporting well-being and mental health initiatives, professionally and personally. Away from the office Lisa loves to spend time with her family.

What Lisa is responsible for

  • To ensure the associates are fully embedded into Xander and within our clients organisation

  • Providing candidate mentorship throughout the recruitment process

  • Supporting clients throughout our associate’s time with them

  • Encouraging inclusion and supporting initiatives to implement positive change

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