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Meet our team.

Joe Maude

Digital Marketing Lead

Joe is responsible for growing Xander's presence in the digital marketing arena and ultimately drive business growth. 

Since graduating with a degree in Journalism from Liverpool John Moores University, Joe ran his own videography service before Covid-19 had different plans for him, and led him straight to Xander. Having worked in pubs, bars and restaurants for nearly a decade, there’s two things he knows best: people, and how to pour a decent pint.

A keen traveller, Joe has been to countries like Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, India, USA and South Korea.

He has three loves in his life: Manchester United, Guinness and Korean Fried Chicken. And running too, which keeps the blood pressure low.


  • Drive business growth through marketing
  • Planning and creation of compelling multimedia content 
  • Increase engagement across Xander's digital channels
  • Manage and evolve the company's brand and tone