Meet our team.

Phoebe Chan

Client Solutions Researcher

Having grown up in diverse and cosmopolitan cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, Phoebe is motivated to create systemic change through social advocacy.

Phoebe's International Relations degree, combined with the unique challenges of attending university amidst the pandemic, has inspired her to explore the potential of advanced technologies in encouraging equitable and sustainable change on a global scale.

Phoebe is determined to push boundaries, challenge traditional institutions, and bridge the gaps in technology to bring about a more equitable and inclusive world.

In her role at Xander, Phoebe is responsible for promoting the brand's reputation and spreading awareness of our social purpose across the market.

Her network consists primarily of Digital Transformation, Digital & Data leaders in London, but she is constantly looking for new people to connect with and be inspired by!


  • Spreading awareness of the Xander model
  • Engaging with clients as a first point of contact
  • Prospecting and building relationships with new clients