A scalable and diverse talent solution

We build teams that are talented, resilient and truly diverse.

We are changing the way businesses source their talent.

We find talented individuals, train them to excel in your business, equip them with a social purpose and transition them into your organisation’s future – we help them to become your people.

What we do



We source hungry, passionate individuals with the potential to make a difference - these are your Xander Associates.



We teach them essential business and technical skills for the modern workplace and equip them with a social purpose.



We place them with industry-leading clients for up to two years and provide ongoing mentorship and support.


Who we are

We are a talent company with a social purpose. Our mission is to work with organisations to create a workforce that is truly diverse and inclusive.

Xander Talent was founded by experienced consultants who are passionate about providing a service that is fully managed, cost-effective and flexible, whilst delivering blended teams that are diverse, resilient and meet your capability requirements.


We understand the challenges your business faces.

As your talent partner, Xander will work with you to build a bespoke solution that delivers individuals who are highly adept in priority skill areas across Change, Digital, Data and Risk.

The Xander Academy will train your Associates to the standard you need, giving you all the benefits of an in-house training programme in the hands of people you can trust.

Our unique embedding programme provides Associates with continued coaching and wellbeing support throughout their two-year placement - we support their transition into the future of your organisation.


Not just a consultancy

We were founded by experienced consultants, but our vision goes beyond consultancy.

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Why we’re different


We push for diversity
and inclusion

We push for inclusion at every opportunity and work with our clients to hire with equality, diversity and inclusivity in mind. We create teams rich in diverse cultures and perspectives, to cultivate cohesion, innovation and empathy.

Well Being

We value personal development
and wellbeing

We have put social and personal development at the centre of our training programme. However, our work doesn’t stop there! We provide ongoing pastoral care and coaching to ensure Associates are heard, they feel safe and are able to grow as individuals.


We support social
enterprises and charities

We work with social enterprises and charities to help make the working world a better place. By collaborating with our partners on their social projects, Associates will help to bring them to life with the goal of creating a more inclusive society.

Zeeshan Yousuf 3

We’re committed to change

We’ve partnered with charities to deliver a wellbeing programme that focuses on developing individuals who are resilient, curious, empathetic and emotionally intelligent.

During their training, Associates will also work on social enterprise projects to create opportunities for People of Determination; physically and neurologically diverse individuals who have the skills and tenacity to make a difference.

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