Sarah Hale

Academy Director

Actor headshot photographer, Kirill Kozlov, London 2021

Sarah is responsible for Xander Academy operations, including the coordination of staff and facilities, working with HR and suppliers to produce learning pathways and material, liaising with clients to ensure the Academy programme meets resource requirements, and ensuring our comprehensive training and wellbeing programme gives all Associates the perfect platform to launch their career.

From day-to-day, Sarah will be involved in the building and scheduling of our Academy programmes, creation of all training materials, tracking progress and effectiveness of training and providing ongoing coaching for Associates throughout their client placement – plus anything else that needs doing!

Sarah is an experienced and talented Project Manager from a Big-4 Consultancy background and will be able to pass on a wealth of knowledge and experience to Xander Associates. An avid lover of dogs, Sarah is also a huge fan of crafts, Lego and Minecraft.

What Sarah is responsible for

  • Ensuring that our Academy training is world class

  • Ensuring that our Academy is tailored to provide each of our clients with the appropriately trained Associates

  • Making sure that all our Associates are trained both technically and holistically

  • Working with charities to identify Social Enterprises the Academies can help

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