Training Trusted Talent

We find, train and develop the right talent for you. Giving your Associates the skills to thrive and grow with your business.

What We Do

Find you graduates

Our expert team of experienced consultants and recruiters find you graduates, returners to work and ex-service people - Xander Associates

Build training

Our carefully built and tailored Academy training programmes teach technical and business skills, alongside practical tools and resilience, emotional intelligence and curiosity.

Inspire potential

Over the course of the programme, we challenge and inspire the Associates to reach their potential

What You Get

Highly skilled individuals

To work with passionate, highly skilled individuals trained to succeed in your environment

No hassle

All the benefits of an in-house Associate training scheme, without the hassle

Experienced support team

Support from management consultants, who build blended teams and managed-service solutions that complement our Associate model

Our Approach

Our intensive Academy programme allows us to tailor our Associates’ skills and experience to meet your specific needs. From the start, we support individuals to reach their potential.
Gratitude & Habits

The 6 Human Needs
Re-training neutral pathways
Building optimism, flexibility & openness into your routines

Self-Awareness & Mindfulness

Sympathy vs empathy vs compassion
Tune-in to awe & the art of listening
Concentration, clarity of thought & focus

Inclusion & Growth

Eudaimonia & Ikigai
Being brave & challenging unconscious biases
Cultivating an inclusive mindset

Resilience & Vulnerability

Learning from the Stoics
How Anti-fragility beats resilience
Innovation & free-thinking

Leadership & Contribution

Giving back, finding shared meaning & inspiring your teams
Six Thinking Hats & Occam’s Razor
The power of language, vision & Tribal Leadership

Empowering Associates

At Xander, we stake our reputation on creating a training and development experience that transforms the Associates’ capabilities holistically.We work with a number of charities and social enterprises in order to ignite purpose and reimagine wellbeing with a unique selection of workshops, real-life projects and 1:1 tuition.
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    Identifying the best candidates through new and diverse channels

  • -

    Unique assessment and interview process

  • -

    Close collaboration to co-select the best fit for your organisation

  • -

    Core Skills
    We teach our Associates business fundamentals, core consulting and analytical skills. Along with our innovative focus on personal development and holistic education.

  • -

    Specialist Diciplines
    Our Academy tailors our Associates technical skills to your business. We take your requirements and build a bespoke training programmes to prepare the Associates for your technical & business needs and also your working practices.

  • -

    Continuous development with expert tuition

  • -

    Monthly focus groups

  • -

    Xander looks after all Associates’ performance, HR and support needs

  • -

    Following the completion of the programme, you have the opportunity to make the Associate a permanent part of your team

Why We're Different

We are a company that cares about people.

Core Skills

We have put social and personal development at the center of our training programme as we believe it makes the difference between a good and a great Associate.

Social enterprises and charities

We work with social enterprises and charities to make the working world a better place. Our Associates serve as mentors and lead projects to collaborate with our social partners.

Push for inclusion

We promote and push for inclusion at ever oppotunity and work with our clients to hire with inclusivity in mind.


How long is the Academy and is it flexible?
How long after my Associates start the Academy are they deployed into my busienss?
Can you integrate Xander's curriculum with my existing training capability? 
Where do your Associates come from?
We are a global company, can you support us in other locations?
How have you adapted your operating model to incorporate remote working requirments?
People of Determination

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