Simran Suri

Head of Talent

Simran Suri

Simran manages recruitment for our Academy and the core Xander team, and comes from an extensive background in corporate recruitment.

Passionate about diversity, inclusion and guiding people to find the right career for themselves, Simran’s joined Xander because they are a business that aligns with her personal and professional values; championing an inclusive and thriving work culture, challenging core precepts, and creating a safe working environment for all.

As well as juggling her role with being a super mum to her two kids, Simran enjoys cooking, classic literature and poetry.

What Simran is responsible for

  • Impactful Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, challenging the status quo and championing diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Driving the recruitment strategies for talent attraction, growth and development.

  • Mentoring, coaching and developing individuals to fulfil their potential.

  • Ensuring very client and associates is matched with a role and responsibility which aligns with their personal and professional growth.

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