We are more than a
talent company.

We were founded by consultants, but our vision goes beyond consultancy.

We are re-imagining how businesses hire their talent to transform the workplace.

We find talented individuals, provide them with in-demand technical skills, equip them with a social purpose and transition them into your business.

We are a purpose driven business.

We are committed to supporting our people, our clients and communities to drive long-term, sustainable change for the better. 

Our purpose

Here's why we're different.

We provide a service, not just resourcing.

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Purpose Driven

We provide holistic training that teaches vital skills for the workplace; resilience, curiosity and emotional intelligence.


Talent Flexibility

If you require more people or your skills requirements change, we can easily add new people to your team.


Personalised Service

We can tailor our training to address your technical capability requirements.


End-to-end Solution

We find and train your talent for you, and you’ll have the option to take them on permanently after their placement.

Your talent needs. Our solution.


Data Engineering

Using Python, SQL and other tools to harness effective problem solving capabilities, data manipulation, RDBMS skills and working with large data sets to build ETL pipelines.


Software Engineering

Our full-stack Python programme will enable Consultants to develop a proficiency across front-end, middleware and back-end database technologies.


Quantexa Engineering

Utilising Quantexa Data Science and Engineer academy to teach big data techniques using Scala progamming language.


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We are talent specialists who understand your talent challenges. Let's overcome them together.

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way that you work.

If you have talent requirements for your short-term tactical projects or your long-term growth plans, our consultants are ready to go to transform your business. 

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Join the next generation of diverse talent helping businesses to transform their ways of working. 

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