Meet our team.

Steve Hampson

Co-Founder & Head of Growth and Partnerships

Steve is one of our founders who started Xander with a vision of providing clients with exceptional talent who are trained in technical skills, business fundamentals and holistic behaviours that match their business’ needs. He is passionate about giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to thrive and grow and serves as a mentor and trainer in our training academy.

On a day-to-day basis, Steve is responsible for building and expanding our service offerings and working with the client solutions team to market our services to new clients. He cares about building the values of the company into everything we do and is constantly pushing for Xander to be as inclusive and innovative as possible.

In a previous life, Steve founded Core Consultants, worked for one of the Big Four and New York, and he also scrubbed pans and burnt soufflés whilst working in a kitchen.

In his spare time he likes to make techno music, watch cricket and travel the world - he recently completed a 9 month trip around the world with his wife, which took them to countries like Japan, Vietnam, Argentina, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan.


  • Expanding our services to new clients and expanding the technical disciplines we support
  • Working with our client solutions team to develop new markets and to support new client projects
  • Ensuring that our high standards of delivery are maintained and that our customers remain very satisfied with Xander's service
  • Developing and implementing processes to streamline our client outreach and ensure the value of our business is effectively communicated to the market