Molly Hutcheon

Client Solutions Advisor

Molly Hutcheon

Client Solutions Advisor

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Molly is passionate about engaging with clients to facilitate brilliant opportunities. Building relationships is what she enjoys most, and she has ambitious plans to enable business growth - from an internal and external perspective. She is an insightful and enthusiastic consultant who was, most recently, responsible for the appointment of qualified HR professionals in leading commercial businesses across London.

On a day-to-day basis, Molly is now responsible for building the reputation of and promoting the Xander Brand across the marketplace. She is determined to work collaboratively with clients to provide a full, consultative, deep-dive into their pain points and create tailored people solutions to improve capability whilst solving problems. Her network consists primarily of HR leaders in London, and she has built a trusted network of other senior professionals along the way however, she always welcomes the opportunity to speak to new businesses + their leaders!

On a personal level, Molly grew up in the Emirates before re-locating back to Scotland where she studied Law at the University of Aberdeen. As a result of this, she loves learning about new cultures and travelling as much as possible with friends and family when she has the opportunity. On a separate note, Molly was a background actress on hit BBC show, Waterloo Road and is a huge dog lover.

What Molly is responsible for

  • Accountable for the promotion of the Xander Brand across our global marketplace.

  • First point of contact for building key client relationships.

  • Engaging and consulting with clients to address their crucial resourcing requirements and creating tailored people solutions.

  • Educating the market to hire for true potential, with a focus on the future not the past. Doing this opens talent networks that many businesses aren’t currently accessing!

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