A company with a purpose.

We aim to drive measurable social and environmental change by creating job opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds and preparing them to exceed industry demands.

Xander is committed to change.

In order to create long-lasting and meaningful change, this requires measurable action. We work with our clients to create opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds so that our Associates are truly representative of the society we live in.

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Balancing Profit with Purpose

Purpose continues to drive how we think and act as a business at Xander. To enshrine this commitment, we are currently processing our application to become a B Corporation, which means we will be legally required to set DE&I goals and annually report our progress.

Our Journey to Change

We have identified a series of areas where we pledge to be more diverse and inclusive in how we recruit, train and embed talent. We’ve curated a list of goals to hold us to account, some of which we have already achieved. However, we recognise that our journey to create meaningful change takes time, and we aim to meet these goals by 2024.

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  • Journey_building-resilience

    Promoting Mental Wellbeing


  • Journey_inclusive-training

    Diversity & Inclusion Training

  • Journey_unlocking-potential

    Unlocking Hidden Talent

  • Journey_enabling-talent

    Catering for Neurodiversity


  • Journey_diverse-teams

    Building Diverse Teams

  • Journey_shared-voice

    Diverse Associate Representation

  • Journey_data-driven

    Data Driven Insights


  • Journey_erasing-barriers

    Inclusive Recruitment

  • Journey_global-change

    Inspire Global Change

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Our partners

To achieve the change that we want society to reflect, our mission is rooted in the communities that we serve. We’ve partnered with several charities and social enterprise projects, which our Xander Associates play a major role in supporting these initiatives, so that we can continue to eradicate all forms of discrimination.

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“Lots of companies talk about making a difference, but few build it so deliberately into the core of their organisation. Xander are focused on changing the employment landscape for individuals with disabilities, and their dedicated support for these important social enterprises will allow us to drive change across society. Thank you for standing up and making this happen.”

– Rupert Pearce

Growing Happy

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Ignition Brewery
Ignition Brewery

Ignition Brewery is a South London brewery and taproom that trains and employs individuals with learning difficulties to brew great beer. Xander Associates supported Ignition with the proposed opening of a second site in Liverpool, which has been successful in securing the cooperation of Liverpool City Council.

Six Percent & Rising
Six Percent & Rising

Six Percent & Rising is a campaign dedicated to transforming the employment outcomes for individuals with physical and neurological diversities, currently at 5.6% in the UK. Xander Associates have been instrumental in uniting the Liverpool City Region in recognising and supporting 'The Liverpool 100' campaign.

Six Percent & Rising

Chickenshed are a theatre and education provider based in North London with a clear ethos on inclusion. Xander’s Cocoon have been instrumental in helping Chickenshed towards their 2024 goal of becoming a national theatre centre through the creation of a sustainable business model for their training programmes, whilst continuing to push their message of 'learning through the lived experience'.

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