A talent company with a purpose

Opening doors for physically and neurologically diverse individuals.

Xander is committed to social change.

Our social purpose is built into the very fabric of what we do; to give a chance to talented individuals from all backgrounds, and give those who are often overlooked a foot in the door.

To talk about positive change is one thing, but to create long-lasting and meaningful change requires action, and we are determined to challenge our clients to build teams that are truly diverse.

Our awards

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Profit and Purpose

Purpose will forever hold as equal importance to profit at Xander. To enshrine this commitment, we are currently processing our application to become a B Corporation, which means we will be legally required to set DE&I goals and annually report our progress.

Our Journey to Change

We have identified a series of areas where we pledge to be more diverse and inclusive in how we recruit, train and embed talent. We’ve curated a list of goals to hold us to account, some of which we have already achieved. However, we recognise that our journey to create meaningful change takes time, and we aim to meet these goals by 2024.

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  • Journey_building-resilience

    Building Resilience

    July 2021
    We provide Associates with mental health training to help them gain invaluable techniques to cope with the stresses of a work environment, whilst building their knowledge of signs and triggers, so they can develop a stronger understanding and acceptance of mental health issues.

  • Journey_data-driven

    Data Driven

    September 2021
    To understand how we perform in terms of attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds, we've created metrics to gain insight into the areas in which we need to improve. Over half of our Associates are from a ethnic minority background and our LGBTQ+ representation is 4x the UK average.

  • Journey_inclusive-training

    Inclusive Training

    December 2021
    Our training material is catered to conditions such as Colour Blindness, Autism, Low Vision and Dyslexia, to name a few, so all our Associates are supported during their training. The next step is to implement an induction loop to support individuals with Hard of Hearing.

  • Journey_erasing-barriers

    Erasing Barriers

    December 2021
    We recognise that traditional recruitment methods are not entirely inclusive, and we are determined to create a series of fair, non-biased methods to assess and evaluate talent that can be easily adjusted to cater to unique individual needs, so that everyone has a chance to showcase their potential.

  • Journey_unlocking-potential

    Unlocking Potential

    July 2022
    We already have access to a diverse network of talent pools where we source our Associates from, and are currently developing new partnerships with charities, universities and local authorities to discover hidden pockets of talent that are often overlooked. 

  • Journey_enabling-talent

    Enabling Talent

    July 2022
    To get the best out of our Associates, we work hard with our clients to create a more inclusive workspaces that cater to their unique needs and values, including religious commitments such as Ramadan, or behavioural challenges like ADHD, Bipolar Disorder or Narcolepsy.

  • Journey_shared-voice

    A Shared Voice

    September 2021
    In order to make decisions to best reflect our vision we believe our management structure should reflect the make up of our company. We are currently recruiting for several board positions and considering the introduction of an advisory board with Associate representation.

  • Journey_educating-clients

    An Enriched Perspective

    December 2022
    In order to understand the challenges that physical and neurologically diverse individuals face, we need to see things from their perspective. Designing a training programme that achieves this, will help us and our clients to gain a better understanding of how to overcome those challenges.

  • Journey_global-change

    Inspire Global Change

    September 2023
    Having already partnered with several social enterprises, we aim to further our commitment to change by enriching our focus on social projects and develop strategic relationships with NGO's so that we can help implement wide-scale global change in society.

  • Journey_diverse-teams

    Building Diverse Teams

    December 2023
    Placing individuals with physical and neuro-diversities with our clients will require commitment from them to reconfigure their working practices. However, we are confident through processes such as job carving and role sharing, we can work with our clients to improve the employment prospects of our Associates.

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Our partners

To achieve the change that we want society to reflect, our mission is rooted in the communities that we serve. We’ve partnered with several charities and social enterprise projects, which our Xander Associates play a major role in supporting these initiatives, so that we can continue to eradicate all forms of discrimination.

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“Lots of companies talk about making a difference, but few build it so deliberately into the core of their organisation. Xander are focused on changing the employment landscape for individuals with disabilities, and their dedicated support for these important social enterprises will allow us to drive change across society. Thank you for standing up and making this happen.”

– Rupert Pearce

Growing Happy

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Ignition Brewery
Ignition Brewery

Ignition Brewery is a South London brewery and taproom that trains and employs individuals with learning difficulties to brew great beer.

Also known as ‘the Brewery Bunch’, our Xander Associates have supported Ignition with laying the groundwork for the opening of a second site in Liverpool by conducting a comprehensive product, service and risk analysis and developing a location strategy.

The initiative has already been successful in securing the cooperation of Liverpool City Council and has led to initial discussions with Mencap and Sefton Council for future collaborations such as an ‘Ignition Day’ at Mencap’s new diverse space in Merseyside.

“Ignition Brewery has been delighted to have the pro-bono support of a team of Xander associates to help us in our mission to open a not-for-profit brewery in Liverpool. A bright, energetic and effective team have created the tools we need – such as financial models and geographic searches – whilst also encouraging us to secure our goal of creating more jobs for people with learning disabilities through the sale of great beer.”

– Nick O’Shea

Ignition Brewery

Six Percent & Rising
Six Percent & Rising

Six Percent and Rising is a campaign that aims to transform the employment outcomes for individuals with physical and neurological diversities, so that everyone has the opportunity to work.

Also known as ‘Team ReSocialise’, our Xander Associates have supported Six Percent & Rising in designing and implementing a comprehensive social media content and engagement strategy, in order to raise awareness of Six Percent’s mission.

This initiative hopes to unite the whole of the Liverpool City Region behind Six Percent and Rising’s vision for a sustainable, inclusive society that recognises the talents and abilities of individuals with disabilities.

“Its been great to work with Xander on such an amazing project and we are making a real difference. I have enjoyed working with the team in developing this project and everyone has worked extremely hard on it. I have enjoyed every second I have spent with them.”

– Harry Georgiou

Six Percent and Rising


Rewired.Earth is a campaign which aims shift to new ways of measuring the success of large organisations, using an ESG metric evaluation which focuses on their total impact environmentally, socially and through corporate governance, rather than how much money they make.

Xander is supporting Rewired.Earth with the planning of an event to raise awareness for the need for a universally recognized ESG metric, to change the publics way of thinking when making purchases on a global scale.

The event will be hosted at the House of Lords and Xander Associates have been vital to the implementation the marketing strategy and organising speakers for the event.

“Initially, we found it daunting to be thrust into a project with little to no prior experience. However, Xander has taught us the benefits of collaboration. The project has been extremely eye-opening and I’m very proud to be part of such an important cause and to work on it with such a diverse group of people who all bring a rich variety of perspectives to the team.”

– Joel Yorke

Business Change Analyst, Xander Talent


Chickenshed are a theatre and education provider based in North London. With a clear ethos of inclusion, Chickenshed look to provide their members from all walks of life with an opportunity to become a part of a theatre community whilst also offering top quality training and qualifications.

The mission for Xander’s Cocoon team was to aid Chickenshed in meeting their 2024 goal of becoming a national theatre centre by seeking to provide them with suggestions in creating a more sustainable business model and further exposing their training programmes, whilst continuing to push their message of 'learning through the lived experience'.

“Working with the cocoon team of Xander associates has been a really positive experience helping us re-evaluate our programmes and focus them. The team have been imaginative, purposeful and creative in our collaboration and the outcomes will have a real benefit for our organisation.”

– Dave Carey

Senior Creative Producer, Chickenshed

Love 146

Love146 is a human rights organisation working to end child trafficking through education, prevention, and survivor care. The UK branch provides support, shelter and safeguarding for children trafficked from abroad through seaports in the South-East of England.

To assist with Love146’s goal of raising its profile and diversifying donation streams, the Xander Associates have been engaging with broad marketing research to develop a marketing strategy for an expansion of the charity’s media presence.

This initiative includes consideration of target audience segmentation, social media plan, and community engagement while upholding Love146’s values.

"Working with Love146 has been an excellent opportunity to learn about what is required to deliver a project effectively and efficiently, knowing the value of contributing towards an important cause with an eminent and determined charity. It has been particularly gratifying to work alongside a talented and friendly team, each with individual strengths augmented by Xander’s marvellous training programme."

- Oliver Kvam

Business Change Associate, Xander Talent

Sandy Park Creations
Sandy Park Creations

Sandy Park creations is a social enterprise project led by individuals with physical and neuro-diversities focused on advocating equal employment opportunities. The aim of this project is to impart key business skills that interns can take forward to future employment, enabling their growth within a highly supported environment.

“To have the opportunity to work on a social enterprise project that is able to transform the lives of individuals with learning disabilities is invaluable experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working on this project, and I feel privileged to work amongst a team that has a strong commitment and dedication in delivering a real difference to society.”

– Keerthi Pillai

Business Change Associate, Xander

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