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How Consultants Charlie and Zeeshan enabled their AI focused client to make more informed decisions.

Charlie and Zeeshan helped a global consulting firm, with clients from FTSE 500 to start ups, deliver data analytics and AI to a key client.

They supported the building of internal data functions covering data governance, strategy, engineering, & MI, championing the wider business’ drive towards making data backed decisions.

The Challenge

The client had the following challenges:

  • Data Fragmentation

Lots of systems and teams to collect and manage data, but many were siloed and with limited data governance, making it difficult for senior stakeholders to get key metrics across the business.

  • Inefficient Data Management

Current teams were not data experts & were building short term tactical solutions which were not sustainable or future proof and the siloed nature of the various teams meant there was duplication of work & multiple versions of the truth.

  • Data Integration

The client required an internal data team to connect the dots between the different systems, streamline processes, & create a single version of the truth to drive MI.


The Solution


Data Requirement Analysis

Captured data requirements from different areas of the business, assessed the current systems and then carried out gap analysis to inform the data strategy.


End-to-End Optimisation

Defined and implemented a data strategy to improve the end-to-end process from data collection through to MI.


Data-Driven Forecasting

Built a dynamic forecast model from multiple data sources to predict the future state in both the short term and the long term and developed automated MI reports using power query & R.

The Outcome

1. Actionable Insights Enabled

The model was used by senior stakeholders daily to make key operational decisions.

2. Efficiency Boost Achieved

Automated data pipelines and reports cut the time taken for the team to produce reports, allowing the team to increase the number & quality of reports as well as respond more quickly to ad-hoc requests.

3. Centralised Data Expertise

The team became the centre of operational MI, supporting multiple areas of the business to make data-led decisions.

“From week one Charlie has established himself as go-to person for reliable data and analysis and short notice, without compromising quality. Zeeshan was able to provide value to the client from the start. They really came to rely on him for the daily forecast model and ad hoc requests.”

Head of Data, Analytics and AI

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