Implementing specialist Quantexa engineering expertise.

Chris’ client were struggling with their data migration and scalability. Find out how he helped them to get back on track.

Chris was placed with a market-leading data management services and data analytics consultancy. He is supporting one of their clients, a major UK bank, to provide specialist Quantexa engineering support.

The Challenge

The client had the following challenges:

  • Migration to Cloud Scalability

Transitioning from on-premise PoC to cloud for a million customers posed a significant engineering challenge.

  • Tech Integration Complexity

Integrating diverse technologies in the KYC pipeline led to gaps in addressing challenges.

  • Dynamic Platform Configuration

Adapting Quantexa platform to changing cloud setups and business needs required expertise across multiple technologies, fulfilled by Chris.


The Solution


Seamless Cross-Team Issue Resolution and Strategic Planning

Chris connected the dots between different engineering teams to identify issues that had been missed and implement a rigorous plan to overcome these issues. 


Optimised Configuration Automation

He then developed an improved process for managing the configuration of the Quantexa component. This required monitoring application health and automating authentication management.


Component Alignment and Effective Communication

Gained an overall picture of where the components connected and ensuring that all technical requirements were communicated effectively between these teams. 

The Outcome

1. Lost Time Recuperated

The migration process was falling behind schedule when Chris joined but was brought back up to speed and live proving of the pipeline commenced on time. 

2. Streamlined Authentication

A more streamlined configuration system for the Quantexa platform deployed via Kubernetes provided automated connection and authentication with Elasticsearch and Apache Kafka. 

3. Reduced Siloes

Teams involved in the project have a better understanding of where their work connects to work of other teams, reducing siloes.

“Chris’ ability to bridge the gaps between different engineering teams and technologies ensured that our complex Quantexa-based KYC pipeline scaled seamlessly to serve over a million customers. His expertise in Quantexa, AWS, and diverse pipeline technologies proved invaluable, making him an indispensable asset to our success.”

Senior Engineer

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