Delivering expert software solutions
for a world-leading client.

After retraining as software engineer, Jess joined a global consulting firm to deliver low code app capabilities for their clients. 

Jessica delivers software development using a low code platform called Outsystems for one of the most prominent consulting firms in the world.

She is part of the development team in the risk advisory department, responsible for the development, improvement and maintenance of a regulatory change management platform. This platform is then used for the client’s clients and adjusted to cater to each client’s individual visions and needs.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of a live application, the project plan is constantly changing. Therefore, the clients of Jess’ client have constantly evolving needs which they then request to be met in the app.

Her primary role is to support the development team with solving any internal bugs within the app and develop entire sections, functionalities, and processes at the request of her client.

Jessica had to do this despite learning a new platform and had very little understanding of the business logic behind that platform as well as limited prior knowledge financial and regulatory knowledge.


The Solution

Jessica had to deliver several technical and consulting skills to help their clients achieve their vision.

  • Utilising problem-solving skills in order to reach the desired outcome of the client.
  • Harnessing her collaboration and communication skills as her role requires working with and reporting to others.
  • Showcase quality stakeholder management skills to help maintain the satisfaction of the clients of her client.

The Outcome

Jess’ introduction the development team meant she helped to reduce the workload of the other developers and contributed to the development and maintenance of large portions of the app.

She has also been able to contribute new ideas and have also been responsible for noticing and raising several issues with the app in the past.

Due to her extensive Xander training, she was able to seamlessly fit into it the client’s team and feel one of the team.

"Jess been an invaluable asset to our business. Her hard work and dedication has helped us achieve our goals and exceed our expectations. Not only does she continue to deliver the work to a very high standard, her attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in every aspect of her work. She consistently meets or exceeds our expectations, and we appreciate her dedication to excellence."

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