Supporting a major client to combat
complex Quantexa challenges.

Quantexa Engineer Kevon has helped a data management consultancy to deliver a comprehensive data solution and automation for global financial organisation.

Kevon has been working for a trusted UK-based data management company on a project for their largest client, an international financial organisation serving over 19 million customers worldwide.

As Data Engineer, Kevon helped to build and test the latest versions of the proprietary client’s internal software project, as well as carry responsibility for the development and improvement of specific sections of the product and crucially automate their methods for evaluating the quality of their data. 

The Challenge

The client had the following challenges:

  • Data Utilisation Enhancement

The primary challenge was for the main client to construct an internal software product to optimize data utilisation for a proprietary client. The overarching goal was to empower the end client to derive better insights from their data, thereby improving decision-making. 

  • Data Health & Reliability

The proprietary client's data repositories were plagued by issues of inadequate awareness regarding data quality and reliability. With limited insight into the accuracy of their information, there was a pressing need to address potential risks linked to erroneous business decisions and misleading analytics reporting to stakeholders. 

  • Comprehensive Data Solution

The project's core requirements entailed crafting a comprehensive solution capable of analysing the end client's customer data. This involved assessing data quality, computing and presenting metrics about data integrity, and providing actionable insights to the internal client's team.


The Solution


Key Liaison & Expertise

Kevon oversaw a significant software section representing 20% of the solution. His responsibility included addressing development queries and resolving issues promptly.


Comprehensive Solution Development

Kevon led the development and unit testing of the designated software segment, employing Scala and Spark alongside Python/PySpark for specific tasks. 


Provide Training & Expertise

He also orchestrated the creation of comprehensive documentation and training materials, facilitating smooth end-client adoption and staff training. 

The Outcome

1. Efficient Solution Development

Leveraging his expertise in Scala and Spark, Kevon played a pivotal role in developing and thoroughly testing a significant portion of the client's solution. This proactive contribution substantially alleviated the workload for the main client, resulting in more streamlined development processes. 

2. Enhanced Robustness

With a focus on rigorous testing, the client's solution underwent extensive validation to enhance its robustness and minimize vulnerabilities. This strategic emphasis on quality assurance was facilitated by Kevon's foundational development work, making the solution more resilient and less prone to errors. 

3. Amplified Workforce Impact

By joining the previously two-person team dedicated to the specific development section, this increase in support significantly accelerated task completion, contributing to shorter project timelines and more efficient progress. 

4. Revolutionised Data Processing

Kevon's contributions empowered the proprietary client to process vast volumes of data with unprecedented precision. This transformation not only elevated the organisation's decision-making processes but also augmented its analytical capabilities, enabling the client to achieve new standards of data-driven insights.  


"Kevon has taken ownership of one arm of the project and has made a lot of progress with his development. He is also very competent when it comes to release testing, and writing and delivering user trainings to clients. Kevon is a team-oriented individual who is always flexible, keen to help with what is happening and has always offered his help to get things over the line."

Senior Consultant

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