Transforming a public sector client's PowerBI and analytics capabilities.

Max had to overhaul and deliver a data analytics and reporting capability for a public sector client in 4 weeks - and boy, did he deliver.

Max has been working for a global data consultancy, supporting one of their major public sector clients. Having to liaise with multiple departments, the specific project was the delivery of an automated PowerBI dashboard to support the team in decision-making and wider delivery of key targets.

Alongside the key project deliverables, Max was expected to maintain daily and weekly dashboards as well as responding to frequent ad-hoc requests supporting senior stakeholder briefings.

The Challenge

  • Lack of Established Data Infrastructure 

The project was initiated within a taskforce formed to meet top-level goals, but it evolved into a command centre managing various departments. However, the team lacked an internal data infrastructure, relying on manual data inputs. This absence of a structured system hindered efficient data processing and analysis. 

  • Limited Access to Organizational Data Tools 

The team operated without access to essential organisational data infrastructure and tools like PowerBI. This limitation prevented them from leveraging broader data resources and advanced visualisation capabilities, impeding their ability to make data-driven decisions and present insights effectively. 

  • Complex Stakeholder Management and Tight Timelines 

With the client organisation's substantial size, a diverse group of stakeholders needed to be engaged and relationships cultivated to access crucial project-related products. Moreover, the pressure from senior stakeholders intensified, leading to shortened project timelines. Balancing these stakeholder relationships and meeting demanding deadlines became a significant challenge for the team. 


The Solution


Short-Term Dashboard Solutions

Max's proactive approach led to the development of automated daily and weekly dashboards using Excel. These dashboards were designed to address immediate needs and supported the team in managing short-term tasks.  


Enhanced Data Access and Automation

Max facilitated the creation of an automated dashboard, streamlining data analysis and presentation. To ensure continuous reporting, Max established data sharing agreements between organisations. 


Advanced Forecasting Tool Implementation

Max went beyond immediate needs and developed an R forecasting tool. This tool played a crucial role in managing the expectations of senior stakeholders by providing reliable forecasts. 

The Outcome

1. Automated PowerBI Dashboard Integration 

The client received an automated PowerBI dashboard seamlessly integrated into the broader organisational reporting infrastructure. This dashboard offered a high level of data granularity, allowing for potential adaptation to address other critical areas in response to stakeholder needs. 

2. Empowered Team with Enhanced Tools 

Leveraging the established relationships and newfound access, the remaining team gained the capability to develop additional products with minimal resource requirements. This empowerment paved the way for the team to expand their impact despite resource constraints.  

3. Streamlined Operations and Resource Allocation 

The implementation of the PowerBI dashboard led to the decommissioning of internal data repositories and reports. This reduction in routine operational work created space for the client team to explore new opportunities and initiatives, optimising resource allocation. 

4. Knowledge Transfer and Ongoing Support 

The newly onboarded data team received comprehensive handover materials, continuous support, and aftercare sessions. This ensured a smooth transition and empowered the team to effectively maintain and further enhance the implemented solution.


“From the beginning, Max was a great asset to the team. He was able to capitalise on his previous roles and bring his understanding of the client data landscape to the scope of our work. Max has been instrumental in building our credibility with very tricky stakeholders. We were up against a steep curve at the beginning, the client expected us to build fully functional dashboard covering 70+ datapoints in 4 weeks instead of the 10 originally planned and this was achieved thanks to a lot of the heavy lifting from Max.”

Director, Data & AI

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