From working in casinos to
data engineering.

Before Tom joined Xander to retrain as a Data Engineer, he worked in casinos. He now works for a world leading company.

Data Engineer Tom works for a world leading multinational financial services and asset management company.

Tom joined their Data Ops team, utilising data warehouse to transform data and provide reporting to the wider business departments and external clients.

The project required Tom to complete further upskilling within a short turnaround in addition to his Data Engineer pathway training. These tools included Wherescape and Kimball.

The Challenge

The client’s project involved sourcing General Practitioner’s address data for customers.

While that may seem straight forward, the more Tom got into it, the more complexities he uncovered.

It became clear quite quickly that instead of adding a few columns to a table, the entire data set needed to be remodelled.

The way the Dimension had been configured no longer worked, and so it was up to Tom to solve the problem.


The Solution

To overcome this challenge, Tom needed to build a bridge table. This meant that he needed to build a separate address table and a bridge table to link current addresses to the people that owned them.

To complete this task, Tom had to build on his data warehousing knowledge in order to solve this problem.

He now has a strong understanding of how bridge tables work and that knowledge was passed onto the wider business.

The GP data stored in their data warehouse is now functioning properly

The Outcome

After finding and building the solution, Tom followed it up by building a PowerBI report that gave filtered address data to the client monthly. This allowed the business to follow up on medical records and act accordingly on the wishes of their customers.

This also made it much easier for the business to follow up on applications without t having to manually search for records themselves.

"Despite having limited previous experience with data warehouses, Tom was able to produce excellent work in an efficient manner. His communication skills with the customer were examplary throughout, which made for a seamless delivery." 

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