From Xander to forensic financial crime.

From recruitment to retraining in Data Analytics, and now working for one of the world's largest

consultancies to enhance their financial crime technology capabilities - this is Keasha's story.

Keasha has been working for one of the largest professional services firms in the world in their Financial Advisory team.

She has been part of their forensic financial crime team, utilising technology advisory and data analytics to help the client understand, assess and enhance their financial crime technology and data capabilities.

The Challenge.

Due to harsher punishments being introduced by financial crime regulators and number of bad actors in the financial crime landscape rising, the client’s clients required help to comply with financial crime regulations.

Keasha’s role was to utilise her knowledge of data and analytics across various projects to help businesses to both comply with regulations, and to empower them to build risk-based controls to combat financial crime.










Keasha's story (so far)

Keasha previously worked in recruitment, where she was introduced to the world of data. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Solution.

How Keasha ensured the client's customers were apply to comply with new regulations and combat financial crime.

  • Completed an Anti-Money Laundering framework review surrounding a prolific money laundering case.

  • Utilised her working knowledge of SQL, Excel and the ability to read Python scripts to complete tasks such as QA testing to validate the client’s end-to-end processes.

  • Helped the client to understand the extent to which their daily operations had exposed them to entities associated with money laundering.

  • Delivered value to the client through the creation of an integrated tool that enables clients to accelerate their selection process, incorporating a weighted scoring functionality.

The Outcome.

The creation of the tool recently helped the client to win a brand-new technology selection project with an existing client, where the tool will be tried and tested for the first time commercially.

The tool is expected to significantly reduce the time taken for clients to complete technology selection exercises from an average of 8 weeks to as little as a week!

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Keasha is such a great asset to the team. She's full of positive energy and can-do attitude, and she has made an impact from day one of joining the FCTA team.  She has produced some impressive outcomes, particularly related to FCTA enablers and will be a great role model to her peers.

Director, Financial Advisory

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Keasha Addo

Xander’s academy played a fundamental role in enabling me to be where I am today. The diversity in its training developed fundamental skills across data but more importantly, allowed me to nurture crucial soft skills such as presentation and communication skills, that I believe have ultimately helped me stand out.

It has been a pleasure to work with such a diverse group of talented people with unique abilities and to showcase the skills that those at Xander helped me to develop."

Keasha, Data Analytics Associate

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