Helping change the mental health narrative.

Max's data support for start-up Cognomie is helping individuals and businesses get

access to vital mental fitness training and support.

Data Engineer Max has been a pivotal part of a growing start-up team that provides an online platform for mental fitness.

Cognomie focus on bringing mental fitness coaching to individuals and organisations through two main services: tailored mental fitness coaching, where coaches and clients are matched through Cognomie’s matching algorithm, and Cognosis surveys, a benchmarking medium that allows for the individual to track their mental fitness progression.


Once Xander had upskilled Max in the technical requirements to use OutSystem and be ready to work on the platform, Max’s role was to build a tool that made data extraction seamless.

The Challenge.

Still in its infancy when Max joined, Cognomie needed someone to support the sustainable evolution of their mental fitness platform using OutSystems. Some functionalities, such as the lengthy process of extracting data off the platform, required a lot of manual effort and wasted too much time, requiring increased process efficiency and evolution.

Cognomie also needed a single person to be responsible for the support queries and platform management. These jobs were previously handled by multiple people, which often proved to be inefficient.

Stakeholders time was often spent juggling numerous tasks, which included handling support and maintenance tasks simultaneously. Introducing Max to the team meant other team members could focus on their areas of expertise.












How Renuka went from Xander to data transformation for a Fortune 500 company

The Solution.

Max's core responsibilities included:

  • Build a page in the back end listing all major operational areas of the business with insightful data to be exported straight to Excel.

  • Portray great communication and team-working skills to have a clear sense of direction before building the tool.

  • Develop logic and problem-solving skills, knowledge of data joins, and a good sense of the purpose for what he was building.

  • Understanding of the platform and all the associated technology, with sole responsibility over the technical support and platform management.

The Outcome.

Thanks to Max’s work, key business stakeholders using the platform now have easier access to key insights. By referencing statistics for ongoing projects, exporting project-wide data for client workshop presentations, or simplifying invoicing processes for the finance department, this tool radically reduced the time spent on viewing and gathering data.

By handing over sole responsibility of project management and tech support to Max, processes were transformed and time could be focused elsewhere.

Max has delivered a great standard of work and has continued to grow into his role. He has taken on more responsibilities and broadened the scope of the role he has been working upon, meaning we have been able to move other resources onto different areas of the business.

John Young, CEO & Co-Founder of Cognomie

Max Winter Leinweber BW

The Xander academy allowed me to develop key skills which were necessary to deliver high end work for the client. For instance, being a team lead for a project instilled accountability, and the importance of communication and empathy when speaking with key stakeholders.

The monthly catch up calls with Xander whilst on placement has been a safety net and has proved they really care how we are getting on in our placements. Xander also endorsed my initial OutSystems training, which was crucial to me hitting the ground on the job.

Max, Data Engineering Associate

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