Steven Hampson

Founder & COO

Steve is one of the founders of Xander and is the COO of the business. He started Xander with a vision of providing his clients with exceptional talent who are trained in technical skills, business fundamentals and holistic behaviours that match their business’ needs. He is passionate about giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to thrive and grow and serves as a mentor and trainer in our training academy.

On a day-to-day basis, Steve is responsible for running the business operations and scaling the systems and processes required to power our rapid growth. He cares about building the values of the company into everything we do and is constantly pushing for Xander to be as inclusive and innovative as possible.

In a previous life, Steve founded a boutique consultancy, he worked for a Big-4 consulting firm in London and New York, and he also scrubbed pans and burnt soufflés while working in a restaurant kitchen. In his spare time he likes to make techno music, watch cricket and travel the world.

What Steven is responsible for

  • Managing the scoping, contracting and delivery of services to our clients

  • Working with our clients to ensure their requirements are met and our service is delivered to the highest standards

  • Managing the operational aspects of the Xander and developing processes (yes I am that guy) to streamline business

  • Working to define our DE&I mission, people agenda and growth strategy to work towards Xander’s vision for a equitable and inclusive workplace

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