From Swedish flatpack to global
finance transformation.

Before joining Xander, Alex worked for a renowned Scandinavian furniture conglomerate. Now he's a Change Partner for a global finance transformation programme.

Alex is working for a global temporary power solutions company as a Business Change partner on their global finance transformation programme.


The transformation project built a new operating model for the client's finance and procurement functions, focusing the retained functions on high value activities and partnering with an offshore business provider to drive standardisation and automation of transactional processes.


The Challenge

Alex's role has been to assess the change impacts of transitioning work to an offshore provider and effectively communicate the organisational changes to impacted stakeholders.

  • Time & Scalability 

The programme was of global scale and had multiple, overlapping interdependencies that needed to be scoped, analysed and defined within a relatively short timeframe.

  • Change Fatigue

This change in organisational structure was also coupled with multiple other global change programmes happening in tandem, leading to change fatigue within the business.

  • Communication

Alex's role was to define the impact of the programme on the business and work with colleagues in the programme to communicate the changes in organisational structure, role and responsibilities and new ways of working.


The Solution

Alex's role in the global finance transformation was to communicate the changes in organisational structure, colleague roles and responsibilities and new ways of working.


Assess change impact

Build multiple Change Impact Assessments to help frame and scrutinise the change impacts in a formalised manner.


Minimise change disruption

Define interventions required to minimise disruption and impact of the change on business stakeholders.


Stakeholder engagement

Carry out a stakeholder facing role during implementation phase, requiring strong communication and resilience. 

The Outcome

Alex and his team took a two-pronged approach to stakeholder engagement by firstly developing a global change agent network to provide on the ground insights into how the programme was being received and secondly developing a top-down regional plan for implementing initiatives at a local level.

Since the go-live, the change has been adopted well and the interventions and initiatives captured in the Impact Assessments and regional plans have been implemented.

"Alex has a positive, “can do” attitude which has enabled him to build credibility fast across the future of Finance Transformation Programme.  Alex is always diligent, professional and helpful, which enables him to build positive relationships with key stakeholders."

Global Change Lead


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