Delivering vital change management support during a global pandemic.

Finn supported the delivery of a support for people affected by Covid-19 who had limited access to local services.

Finn was placed within a public sector organisation to support the response to public health concerns during the recent pandemic.

As Programme Support Office, Finn’s role was to support the programme genesis, delivery and completion and work alongside third party stakeholders to identify individuals facing inequalities and create appropriate and accessible support.

The Challenge

Finn faced the following challenges:

  • Access to services

Finn was part of a team responsible for creating and delivering support to those infected with the COVID-19 virus who faced difficulty accessing services and assistance during the height of pandemic.

  • Unpredictability

Due to the constantly changing COVID-19 policies and the unpredictable rate of transmission of the virus within various communities, the project initially faced barriers when increasing the scope to tackle these issues.

  • Third-party complexities

Other challenges arose when working with third-party organisations with specialties outside of the client scope to support community groups that were difficult to access and provide the services they required during this time.


The Solution

Finn and his team were required to adopt an agile approach and create a flexible implementation of the delivery plan.


Identify improvements using data

Utilise data insights obtained from the project to highlight various issues with current methods and highlight the required adjustments to the pilot.


Develop an agile roadmap

Develop an agile roadmap within the strict parameters set by the client and Covid-19 regulations, focused on alleviating current challenges.


Streamline reporting methods

Adjustments to data collection and streamlining of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to assist in the internal reporting of key outcomes.

The Outcome


1. Increased Access

The thorough plans created by Finn and the team enabled the project to quickly react to changes in the Covid-19 landscape, improving the number of people accessing much needed services.

2. Reduced Transmission

Increased assistance to those accessing the service enabled a reduction in the transmission of COVID-19 within the community.

3. Data-Driven Insights

Restructuring of the data collection successfully assisted the pilot by quickly disseminating lesson’s learnt and implementing timely and data-driven adaptations to the pilot.

4. National Impact

Clearer and more defined data meant external evaluators determined a positive impact of the programme on a national scale.

“Finn has provided invaluable work to the programme. He has been very flexible and adaptable in his approach and delivery of the work. He communicates effectively and is always willing to support team members where required.”

Project Sponsor

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