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Ardian's proactiveness and critical thinking helped an investmant trust to streamline and

level-up their end-to-end customer experience.

Ardian was working as a Business Analyst for a consulting firm with approximately 200 employees across both the UK and USA, that operate across a range of industries from the public sector to financial services.

He was assigned to a project for a leading UK Real Estate Investment Trust that had realised a need to have a CRM tool to collate all their existing assets and customers in one location.

The Challenge.

The client’s client was using disparate sources for property information, viewings, contracts, and service and repair requests. The lack of visibility had resulted in negative customer feedback across the end-to-end process.

The role involved conducting an analysis of the as-is systems and ways of working to assess if and how the data can be stored in a CRM tool or whether any as-is systems can be integrated with a CRM.

The findings were used in the construction of a business case, proposing the requirement for implementing a CRM tool.





The Solution.

Ardian was responsible for:

  • Collaborate with different areas of the business to assess their use of tools and systems and identify time frames for any work related activities.

  • Build a service blueprint that would address the customer pain points and how a CRM would be used at each stage to improve the experience.

  • Additionally, conceptual to-be capability models demonstrated how a CRM could replace existing tools to simplify operations.

  • Apply critical thinking to create user stories to outline the desired uses of a system and review with respective stakeholders to ensure all potential uses were captured. 

  • Create capability models that illustrated the system landscape and the data contained within them, and data models to show the relationship between the different information stored within the tools. 

The Outcome.

Upon completion of the analysis into the client’s end-to-end processes and systems, a business case was produced recommending the need for a CRM system to improve customer journey and highlight it’s benefits for different areas of the business.

This proposed single source of the truth would lead to an improved customer experience and result in greater efficiency in their end-to-end process.

Ardian was quickly trusted by our client and engagement team to take accountability for directly delivering an outcome to time, cost, and high-quality criteria. He quickly got up to speed, was proactive about learning the solution and could deliver over multiple time zones which required him to to work independently at all times.

Business Change Manager

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Ardian Vetimi BW

The problem solving and analytical thinking that is taught t during the academy helped to identify the solutions for how the client could mitigate any risk and pain points experienced throughout their end-to-end process. Further workshops on process mapping covers the fundamentals that I used to create the capability models to illustrate how the as-is and to-be systems would interact.

Ardian, Business Transformation Associate

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