Enabling business change to create a winning culture.

How Francesca went from the Xander academy to delivering a global business change programme

for a FTSE 100 software company.

Francesca worked for a FTSE 100 global accounting software company to provide company wide business change programme support. 

The aim was to embed the client's current operating model into a newly acquired part of the business and create a winning culture that united colleagues.

The Challenge.

Francesca was brought in to support the change function with overcoming a number of challenges that the client was facing, such as:

  • The newly acquired part of the business worked in very different ways to the norm of the client, using different capabilities, services, and processes in day-to-day tasks.
  • Some staff members were comfortable with their original ways of working and displayed a resistance to any change from the outset.  
  • Being a global business, communications to managers and colleagues became an obstacle – especially when organising things like training sessions.   

The sheer size and breadth of the change was overwhelming, so it was a case of learning as much as possible as fast as possible.   










Francesca's story... (so far!)

After completing her bachelors in Geography, Fran's attention turned to Business Change.

The Solution.

Francesca was responsible for delivering the following tasks in the change programme.

  • Delivering several Change Impact Assessment workshops to identify the ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ states.

  • Detailed change, communication and training plans were drawn up which outlined everything that needed to occur for this change to be rolled out effectively. 

  • Adapt and alter styles of communication early on to fit the target audience to reduce resistance and drive the adoption of the implemented changes.

  • Assessing what training and communications the individuals would need to adjust to the new ways of working.

  • Ensure the training and communications plans were meticulous to lower resistance to the proposed change, and support and captivate all colleagues through the change.

  • Rolling out a new timekeeping, payroll, talent acquisition, and travel booking process.

The Outcome.

The programme has ultimately enabled the company to streamline and perform as a single organisation, making significant strides to uniting the culture among colleagues and helping the client to make fantastic progress towards achieving significant milestones.   

Several reports were obtained in the different workstreams to look at how well the new ways of working had been adooted.   

The data showed clear and positive trends, demonstrating an enthusiastic adoption of the new systems and processes by colleagues.

I really appreciated Fran’s dedication to the team beyond her day-to-day work. Her enthusiasm and can-do attitude helped ensure a high morale for the duration of this programme and helping the team reach its end goal. She displayed strong emotional intelligence, which allowed her to successfully manage and address conflict before it impacts productivity or team wellness.

Business Change Manager

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Francesca O'Neill BW

I had regular catch ups with my mentor at Xander to check in on the progress of my project and to reflect more generally on self-development. My mentor helped me to continue to focus on the key deliverables and stay on track with targets and goals.

If help was needed at any stage, whether this be technical, or personal, this was flagged and acted upon following the meetings.

Francesca, Business Transformation Associate

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