Renuka: from Xander to Fortune 500.

How Software Engineer Associate Renuka transformed a global insurance

company's automated data ingestion pipeline.

Renuka helped a global Fortune 500 insurance company, who employ 50,000 people across 120 countries, to develop an automated data ingestion pipeline.

Working alongside the Senior Data Engineer, Renuka was tasked with developing a pipeline infrastructure to adapt to the client's newly developed system that utilises Python and Spark, whilst assisting the operations department with data validation from high-net-worth clients.

The Challenge.

The client's data solution consisted of code which was hard to configure and lacked flexibility. Renuka was tasked with building a pipeline which could validate and transform any form of data before pushing it to the desired data source.

The client also had data from high-net-worth firms which was too complex to ingest, taking the operational team up to a week at a time to perform the necessary validation and transformation tasks.

Using her knowledge of Spark and Python, Renuka needed to automate and increase the efficiency of these vital processes.











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The Solution.

Renuka worked across multiple departments to provide specialist coding and data transformation skills.

Here's how:

  • Support the operations department to automate their lengthy data validation procedure which requited several iterations of reviews across various teams.

  • Ensure the code operated with data obtained from Azure, perform a set of complex transformations and quickly load the data into SQL for the client's UI experience. 

  • Develop the necessary configuration and Python code to produce load-ready files within seconds to combat the lengthy data validation processes.

  • Provide critical python skills to a senior engineer from an adjacent department on a time-critical project to write a script to perform specific UI actions. 

The Outcome.

Increased Efficiency 

Renuka reduced the time taken for ingesting complex data, which typically took over a week, to just under a few seconds.

Improved Customer Experience

Her Python code skills addressed a skills gap in a different department and helped transform the customer's user experience. 

Modernised Processes

The client's legacy processes, which were in place for seven years, were transferred by Renuka to an environment using Spark and Python, creating an efficient ingestion process across the whole organisation.

Renuka has not only delivered this work to a high standard but has also built on and improved the existing framework from her knowledge and experience working with Python. She has been instrumental in improving a previously time consuming and laborious process."

Senior Engineer

How Xander made the difference

Our training academy ensured Renuka had the best possible start to her new career in data engineering. 

All Xander Icons_Specialist Pathways
Specialist Pathway

Xander provided technical training in big data technologies to support Renuka in solving the client’s business and technical needs.

All Xander Icons_Expert Training
Consulting 101

We equipped her with several soft skills and business fundamentals to nurture key skills such as communication, empathy and resilience.

All Xander Icons_Associate Aftercare
Placement Support

Our embedding success team ensured Renuka was comfortable in her new surroundings and happy with her work.

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