Flexible to your needs, as and
when you need it.

Tailoring our consultant's skills-set to meet your capability needs.

Our capstone programme is designed to allow you to personalise skills and capabilities to tackle your business challenges.

On top of our fixed technical training pathways, our capstone projects upskill consultants in specific tools and programmes utilised in your teams, so they can hit the ground running.

Personalised to your skill requirements.

This is how our capstone programme works.


You can chose from our ready-made capstone projects or we can tailor upskilling to meet your capability requirements. 



We upskill consultants after their academy training or during their placement, as your requirements change or new challenges arise.



Consultants then join your workplace, equipped in the necessary tools and are ready to make an impact from day one.

Flexible to today's challenges.

You can chose from our ready-made capstone training to add on to your consultant's development or we can work together to create suitable capstones.

Cloud Fundamentals

Covering essential skills for major Cloud technology platforms, including Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP.

Front-End Developer

As part of the software engineering pathway, we can enrol your Consultants onto a three-week web-development course, covering key skills like HTML, Java Script, AJAX and web-scraping using Python.

Low Code App Developer

For all your enterprise to consumer app store needs, Consultants will be able to deliver the basics of traditional and reactive web and app development.


Consultants cover the fundamentals of data warehousing and develop SQL skills to carry out data extraction, transportation, and data management.

Salesforce Admin

Supporting you and your teams to tailor a Salesforce solution to meet your Business requirements, and ensure dashboards, reporting and other processes are running smoothly.

Data Science

Turning raw data into meaningful information that organisations can use to improve their businesses.

Are you looking for a specific capability?

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This is Tom.

On top of his Data Engineer training, we upskilled him in data warehousing tools that were niche to our client's capability requirements. 

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This is Jessica.

After completing her data engineering training, she was upskilled in a low code app development platform for specific client requirement.

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Your talent needs. Our solution.


Data Engineering

Using Python, SQL and other tools to harness effective problem solving capabilities, data manipulation, RDBMS skills and working with large data sets to build ETL pipelines.


Software Engineering

Our full-stack Python programme will enable Consultants to develop a proficiency across front-end, middleware and back-end database technologies.


Quantexa Engineering

Utilising Quantexa Data Science and Engineer academy to teach big data techniques using Scala progamming language.