Transforming businesses across
multiple digital disciplines.

Our training delivers highly skilled consultants across several business and technical capabilities.

Our expertise goes
beyond consulting.

Our training pathways are designed with flexibility, equipping consultants with the latest tech skills required to transform your ways of working.

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Our digital expertise.


Data Engineering

Effective problem solving across a series of programmes including Python and SQL and developing a strong technical understanding of data manipulation, RDBMS and working with large data sets to build ETL pipelines.


Software Engineering

Our full-stack Python programme will enable Consultants to develop a proficiency across front-end, middleware and back-end database technologies.


Quantexa Engineering

Utilising Quantexa Data Science and Engineer academy to teach big data techniques using Scala progamming language.


Ready to hit the ground running.

Our training ensures consultants are ready to make an instant impact once they join you.

Talent Identification

We take your needs to market to find the best talent from untapped talent pools - these include graduates, returners to work and career changers.

We work with charities, local authorities and diversity job boards to unearth passionate, driven and technical individuals and use personality, numerical and psychometric testing to unearth the best talent.

Consultancy Skills

Training starts with a two week deep dive into the world consultancy, covering critical business and project skills that will prepare consultants to land well with their clients.

Training covers:

  • Business fundamentals
  • Agile and waterflow project skills
  • Communication
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Problem solving
  • Presentation skills
  • Mental health and resilience

Technical Training

We cover all the technical tools, programmes and methodologies that will prepare consultants for their client placement. 

Lesson plans are tailored and delivered in-house by our industry leading training team, who blend real-life consultancy experience with technical nuance, setting consultants up for the best start possible. 

Capstone Project

Consultants then prepare for their client placement through upskilling in specific programmes or languages that may be required of our clients. 

We can add this as part of a tailored academy for large scale talent requirements or top up consultants from our base. 

Placement Onboarding

Our client services team are there to ensure the transiton from Xander to their placement is a seamless process for our consultants and they are ready to get going from day one. 

During the consultant's placement our dedicated People Team will also be on hand to provide them with all the support they need. 

Finding the right people just got easier.

Ready to build great teams? Let's get started.

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Equipping our consultants with the skills you need.

We personalise our consultant training to your capability requirements. Our academy is complemented with capstone packages that ensure your consultants have the skills you need.

Our capstones

Let's change the
way that you work.

If you have talent requirements for your short-term tactical projects or your long-term growth plans, our consultants are ready to go to transform your business. 

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Join the next generation of diverse talent helping businesses to transform their ways of working. 

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