Software Engineering.

Front, middle and back-end developers trained in today's latest programmes.

Software solutions with purpose and value.

Our full-stack Python programme enables Consultants to develop a proficiency across front-end, back-end and cloud technologies, enabling them to work in Agile Scrum, Web or App Development, and Cloud environments.

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Preparing consultants for the world of work.


Business Skills

Our Foundations of Success programme covers vital business and consultancy skills such as the art of communication, presentation skills, giving and recieving feedback, business writing and interview excellence. 


Technical Training

We cover the key tools, languages and programmes needed for your work environemnt, complemented with guest speakers, SME's and 1-2-1 check ins, to ensure Consultants have the best possible start to their careers. 


Capstone Projects

Each of our clients have a different capability requirement and our training is flexible to these. We top up Consultant's learning with key programmes or tools critical to the client's transformation agenda or tactical project requirements.

More than your average software engineer.

Jin and Shamsa only have one thing on their mind; to be the best in their field.

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What training covers.

Python Full-Stack

Python concepts to solve complex computing and data issues through real-world examples using today's latest tools.


Database principles for back-end processes, plus ER modelling, normalisation and SQL Server are also covered. 


We teach Consultants how to interact with APIs and build their own services within a testing infrastructure.

Cloud Fundamentals

We cover Cloud infrastructure as well as various tools that could be used to help engineer software solutions. 


Front-End Programming

Working with languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as leading tools that are being used in the market today.

Machine Learning

How to select the right machine learning model and how to build these in Python.

Been there and done it.

Find out how our Software Engineers are delivering digital transformation for the world's best.


This is Max.

He's been helping a mental fitness start up to optimise and automate their no-code app.

This is how


This is Renuka.

She's helped a global insurance company to transform their data processes.

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Finding the right
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Discover more training pathways.


Data Engineering

Scaling your data processes with today's latest technology, delivered by tech talent of tomorrow.

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Quantexa Engineering

Helping the banking and financial services industry to scale their anti financial crime capabilties. 

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