Data Engineering.

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Taming big data
is our thing.

Our Data Engineers are equipped with essential tools for today's challenges. Passionate and resilient, they can build and maintain your talent piplelines to scale and optimise your business growth. 

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Preparing consultants for the world of work.


Business Skills

Our Foundations of Success programme covers vital business and consultancy skills such as the art of communication, presentation skills, giving and recieving feedback, business writing and interview excellence. 


Technical Training

We cover the key tools, languages and programmes needed for your work environemnt, complemented with guest speakers, SME's and 1-2-1 check ins, to ensure Consultants have the best possible start to their careers. 


Capstone Projects

Each of our clients have a different capability requirement and our training is flexible to these. We top up Consultant's learning with key programmes or tools critical to the client's transformation agenda or tactical project requirements.

Our data engineers are built differently.

Tom's journey from croupier to data engineering is unorthodox and that's why we love what we do. 

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What training covers.

Python Full-Stack

Python concepts to solve complex computing and data issues through real-world examples using today's latest tools.


Manipulating data using SQL and key RDBMS concepts such as ER modelling, normalisation and SQL Servers.  

ETL and ELT Pipelines

Extracting, transforming the data and loading into a data warehouse, CRM or database.

Data Warehouses & Lakes

Consultants will learn the principles behind these technologies and how they can be developed professionally to store and process data. 

Advanced Cloud Principles

Manipulating and transforming data efficiently using the cloud. 

Data Science Basics

The basics of Data Science and model building using Python, including feature selection, high parameter tuning and model evaluation.

Been there and done it.

Find out how our Business Consultants are delivering digital transformation for the world's best.


This is Alex & Stephen.

They went from Python developers to data scientists at a major UK telecommunications company.

This is how


This is Keasha.

She's been enhancing financial crime analytics capabilities for the world's largest consultancy.

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Finding the right
just got

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Discover more training pathways.


Software Engineering

Delivering front, middle and back-end software solutions for the world's best. 

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Quantexa Engineering

Helping the banking and financial services industry to scale their anti financial crime capabilties. 

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