Scaling your business with diverse talent.

We help you source and train diverse individuals who deliver, so you can focus on what you do best.

How we support you

Xander focuses on providing diverse talent to scale your practices and delivery capabilities.



We source talented and passionate individuals who are diverse and resilient. They are your Xander Associates.



We tailor our Academy to your requirements and our holistic approach equips your Associates with essential skills for the workplace.



We provide ongoing care and support, and transition them to become part of your business' talent ecosystem.

What you get

With Xander as your talent partner, you'll receive:

All Xander Icons_Fully Managed Solution
Fully Managed Solution

A service, not resourcing

All Xander Icons_Outstanding Talent
Outstanding Talent

Sourced through untapped talent pools

All Xander Icons_Unique Testing
Unique Testing

Giving every individual a fair chance

All Xander Icons_Tailored Academy
Tailored Academy

Bespoke to your capability requirements

All Xander Icons_Specialist Pathways
Specialist Pathways

Across Change, Cloud, Digital and Data

All Xander Icons_Expert Training
Expert Training

Equipping your Associates with the skills to succeed

All Xander Icons_Associate Aftercare
Associate Aftercare

Adjusted to the level you need

All Xander Icons_Diverse Teams
Diverse Teams

Transitioned into your talent ecosystem


Transforming start-ups and the world's largest companies.

Our Associates have delivered diverse tech and transformation support across a multitude of industries and business sizes.

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Want to know more about how Xander can support your business needs?

Your Xander Associates

Our bespoke solution will be tailored to your business requirements, focusing on technical ability, soft skills and, crucially, cultural fit.

Grad Hat

Graduates & School Leavers

Individuals who have a passion for continued learning, equipped with the tools to adapt to your organisation.


Returners to work

People looking to change career paths and build on the skills and experience they’ve developed.

All Xander Icons_Diverse Teams

Physical & Neurodiverse

Challenging businesses to recognise the potential of individuals with physical and neurodiversities.

Sourcing your talent


We use diverse channels to source individuals who are talented, diverse and passionate.


These individuals undergo a screening, assessment and interview processes led by market-leading consultants.


Our technical, psychometric and personality tests will identify the right individuals with the right qualities.

Tailored to your needs

Led by industry leading experts and thought leaders, the Xander Academy is a comprehensive holistic programme creates collaborative, cohesive and empathetic individuals with the specialist technical skills needed to excel your business.

Core Skills

Core Skills

(2 weeks)

A comprehensive deep dive into the industry they will be working in. By the end, Associates will have nurtured important fundamental business skills and an understanding of key industry challenges and trends. .

Specialist Discipline

Specialist Discipline

(4-12 weeks)

We blend traditional learning methods such as lectures, group projects, assessments and guest speakers with client tailored exercises, to help your Associates develop the key skills needed for your business.

Wellbeing Training & Support

Wellbeing Training &


A key part of your Associate’s training includes our bespoke wellbeing programme, which will develop essential skills such as resilience, curiosity and emotional intelligence.

A company with a purpose.

Our training programme is designed to develop Xander Associates holistically. Not only do they work with social enterprises, they also receive diversity and inclusion workshops to ensure they are empathetic to the current cultural and environmental challenges.


Diverse talent, fully embedded.

Our dedicated support team will prepare your Associates for your workplace, provide pastoral care and upskilling where needed, and ensure a smooth transition into your long-term talent eco-system.

  • Associates will receive a deep dive into your processes and systems, your history and values, and your company ethos.
  • We’ll provide on-going training and wellbeing support and adjust our aftercare to the level that you desire.
  • At the end of your Associate’s placement, you’ll have the option to transition them into your business.


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