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We train our Associates to be competent in cloud ecosystems, focusing on the latest technologies and programming software including Python, SQL and Tableau. Our Technical roles are ideal for individuals who have effective problem-solving capabilities, strong attention to detail, and an enthusiasm for learning new software and working with data sets.

Prior to specialism training (6-10 weeks), Associates will undergo two-weeks core training to nurture key industry skills such as problem solving, stakeholder mapping, presentation skills and essential Microsoft Office skills.

Xander_Data Analyst
Data Analyst

A Data Analyst scrutinises information using data analysis tools and uses trends and facts drawn from raw data to help inform their employers or clients when making critical business decisions, across banking, consultancy, public sector organisations, telecommunications, social media specialists, and pharmaceutical companies.

Typical duties for a Data Analyst include using advanced com-
puterised models to extract data, removing corrupted data, assessing and determining the quality and meaning of data, andproducing reports based on analysis to management and other key stakeholders.

Xander_Data Engineer
Data Engineer

Data Engineers develop, maintain, and test infrastructures for data generation so that it can be easily interpreted. Data Engineers work closely with data scientists to architect solutions that enable them to do their jobs.

Responsibilities include assembling large, complex data sets that meet business functions and requirements, identifying, designing, and implementing improvements, and building analytics tools to provide actionable insights.

Xander_Cloud Engineer
Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineers are responsible for performing the technical duties associated with cloud computing, such as designing, implementing and maintaining cloud software systems. They employ exceptional problem-solving skills, by troubleshooting incidents, identifying root cause, documenting problems, and actioning preventative measures.

A Cloud Engineer will work in tandem with an engineering team to identify and implement the most optimal cloud-based solutions for the company.

Xander_Data Scientist
Data Scientist

From predicting what people will buy to tackling plastic pollution, a Data Scientist’s job is to use data to find patterns and help solve the problems faced by businesses across different facets such as Health, Finance, Retail and Information Technology.

Day-to-day responsibilities include identifying issues and using data to propose solutions for effective decision making, building algorithms and designing experiments to extract data, testing data mining models, and create reports that tell compelling stories.

Business Analyst
Test Analyst

Test Analysts define, develop, apply and assess tests to analyse new products for any bugs or issues. Being the last line of control, they require considerable analytical skills as well as an ability to think outside the box.

A typical Test Analyst will collaborate with the Software Development Team to identify bugs, develop comprehensive testing structures and plans that adhere to industry regulations, and run diagnostics tests, analyse results and present their findings to the business’ decision makers.

Xander_Technical Business Analyst
Technical Business Analyst

Technical Business Analysts study and redesign computer systems, applications, and processes, whilst providing expert analysis on business systems to identify problems and create new programs. It is a role which requires computer programming skills and acute business knowledge.

Technical BA’s will help clients meet their business objectives by developing innovative digital solutions, collaborate with delivery teams to help develop those solutions, and integrate new systems, programs and applications with business operations efficiently.

“I chose Xander because of the opportunities it presented for my career development. Changing sectors is not very easy to do and Xander has provided great support in allowing me to do this. It’s been very insightful, and the challenges presented to me have been essential for my development as a Data Analyst and as a person.”

- Keasha Addo

Data Analyst


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