Levelling up the sustainability movement.

Katerina was tasked with consolidating and scaling ESG start up Rewired Earth's

communications strategy and attracting new high-value stakeholders to the movement.

Aikaterini (Kate) was an Engagement Strategist for ESG initiative Rewired Earth, a company created to transform global financial markets into the most protective and sustainable force on the planet.

The aim of Rewired Earth is to give people a voice to express their sustainability priorities and create a transparent, auditable approach for organisations to measure and report their sustainability actions and build a common framework to allow the market to reward the right behaviours.

The Challenge.

One of the Rewired.Earth’s most significant challenges was the collection, prioritisation, and management of their stakeholders, as well as several project management challenges, such as a lack of communication between team members and keeping track of progress of the teams to achieve all the project goals within the given constraints.

The client also had over 500 contacts were spread across various communication systems and needed to be organised into a centralised CRM.

Kate was brought in to align the project goals with business objectives, organise the stakeholder approach, maintain continuous relationships with stakeholders, and create clear communication plans.











The Rewired Earth story.

The Solution.

Here's what Katerina delivered during her time with Rewired Earth.

  • Build a CRM strategy with more than 600 high-level stakeholders and maintain positive relationships with the stakeholders who support the ESG solution.

  • Researching new high-level ESG individuals that could be interested in supporting or championing the solution.

  • Building easy-to-follow internal and external communications plans to achieve clear communication objectives, ensuring messaging was clear and consistent.

  • Prioritise stakeholders based on industry, and interest was another key challenge, leading to effective execution of a new communication plan.

  • Utilise relationship management and problem-solving skillset to nurture stakeholder engagement and communicate the value of the initiative.

The Outcome.

Overall, since Kate joined Rewired Earth, there has been a significant improvement in their stakeholder engagement methodology, CRM technology, communication approaches and social media presence.


New positive relationships with stakeholders have been established, increasing the exposure of the ESG initiative.

Aikaterini Manika

The Agile Change Management course helped me to develop an excellent foundation for project management and change management. I was taught how to design and implement change initiatives using Agile principles. This helped me to excel in my current placement and I am confident that my knowledge will be a great asset for my future with my client.

Aikaterini, Business Transformation Associate

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